Sylvester Turner is coming off the weekend with three stories that highlight his stunning lack of leadership as mayor.

First, KPRC uncovered new evidence that led Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo to admit one of his officers lied on a court document that resulted in a deadly police shooting. That January shooting in southeast Houston left two people dead and five officers injured.
“Affidavits obtained Friday alleged that ‘material untruths or lies’ were used to get a search warrant for a southeast Houston home last month where a raid turned into a deadly shootout,” according to Houston police Chief Art Acevedo.

“The chief said that he knows a crime has already been committed as part of obtaining the original search warrant that led to the Jan. 28 raid and shootout…

As a result of this new evidence, Bill King on Friday called for a third-party, such as the FBI or the Texas Rangers, to conduct an independent investigation into the actions of these officers.

Key Questions for Turner:
1. When did you and Art Acevedo know an officer lied on the affidavit?

2. Do you support a third-party independent investigation? If not, why do you think the department will be able to investigate itself?

Next, KTRK dug into Turner’s failed promises to fix potholes on city streets.

“Three years ago, Mayor Turner took aim at potholes with a dedicated crew. The city says it has the capability to fill 300 potholes a day, but a records request revealed its falling short.”

Bill King called out Houston’s pothole problem during the 2015 campaign, naming the failure to fill these giant holes as a reason for running. Four years later – the problem still remains.

Key Questions for Turner:
1. Why is the public works department using less asphalt to repair the roads than it was using ten years ago?

2. Why are fewer streets being paved/repaired than 2014?

3. You stood out on the streets of Houston nearly three years ago to the day promising to fill 300 potholes a day. Why hasn’t that promise been fulfilled?

And finally, in a late afternoon court filing on Friday, Turner went back to court to invalidate Prop B and deny the will of the voters. The Houston Chronicle reports:
“Lawyers for Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner filed a motion Friday afternoon… contending the voter-approved referendum supporting pay parity for firefighters violates Texas law…
Though Proposition B passed more than three months ago with 59 percent voter approval, the city has yet to begin paying firefighters more — a delay that has sown frustration among the fire union despite Turner’s assurance that his administration is ironing out the details.”

Bill King has repeatedly called on the mayor to display leadership, honor the will of the voters and work with the firefighters on implementing Prop B.

Key Questions for Turner:
1. Why do you continue to drag your feet on implementing this proposition that nearly 300,000 Houstonians voted in favor of?

2. Do you have any desire to work with the firefighters to find a solution that is fair to the taxpayers and the firefighters?

3. Why are you intentionally telling the public you will honor the will of the voters and then your actions show you are intentionally doing the exact opposite, including the latest last Friday with late afternoon legal shenanigans to overturn the will of the voters?